Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Great!

Everything is going great and Dawson is doing fabulously much to every ones surprise. He is such a strong boy and such a fighter, we knew he could handle all of this! The MRI today was just more encouraging news with the surgeons feeling great and they believe they got all of the tumor! His brain is still swollen which is to be expected but so far GREAT!!!!! He ate a pudding tonight along with milk and loved every bite, those of you that know him our any of us for that matter know our love for food soooo. He also had a few bites of my rice, I could not be happier at this stage in the game. (always a game right?)
We are so blessed by everyone and can feel the love, I do not wish this type of tragedy on anyone but if you could feel what we feel from everyone around the world it really helps!! What a support we have. Until tomorrow just keep praying for good healing and maybe a little sleep! please a little!
(Sorry no pics haven't left the hospital) Keep commenting it is so encouraging!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great news Post-Op

Well the removal of the tumor was successful and he is acting normal. The doctors best guess is that it was a slow growing benign growth and the fluid build up was spinal fluid. We will have final lab results Friday. Now its just time to heal!

Sick Boy Dawson! Pre-Op

I don't know if you have heard or not but a 6 cm tumor has been found in the center of Dawson's brain. Luckily it has a large pocket of fluid around it that will make it easier to retrieve. The doctors make us very hopeful.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dawson's New Angry Face!

Dawson has been doing this new angry face whether it be your not feeding him fast enough, or your getting him dressed or even when he wants something he cannot have he does it! Basically anytime he does not get his way. I have to say it is hilarious! He sticks out is his lips and he scrunches up his eyebrows and breathes in and out! The side angle one is the best one that shows the eyebrow frown!!!!

Super Kids!

Brielle has been really into being Super Girl so David has been drawing the symbol on her chest and hooking a towel around her. Well he did Dawson also and as you can see he was not happy! What you cannot tell in these pictures is that David also has a symbol drawn on his chest and a blanket hooked around his neck, though he said if I posted those pictures he would divorce me! Lately David has gotten really technical with the symbol, i.e. the colors and detail!

What do I expect!

I guess as a son coming from David I should not be surprised but this is the little boy I came home to after work! Of course, he had some help getting dressed but he was quite impressed with himself in fact he would not let me take the stuff off. Just to describe to you what he has on Barbie slippers, Tinker Bell Scarf, Princess Necklace, Sheer skirt, and a crown. In the one picture he is trying to take a picture of himself with the princess camera! This boy is in definite need of some boy toys! What can I say, he has a older sister.

Couple more wedding!

Here is the Wal-Mart cake, yes Wal-Mart and the table's! We had a different pic of the Bride and Groom on each table! Also rather than renting chair covers at $9.99 a cover to hide the ugly church chairs we just rented chairs for a $1 each. The cake topper was a glass blown Bountiful Temple which they get to keep to display which is nice.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Couple!

Eric and Monica Stefan, wow that is weird! Also the Stefan Fam! I feel like I have to hunch over because I am a giant!! Looks terrible I know!

The Wedding is Over!

It went great other than David and I missed the sealing. It was fun they look happily in love and I lived threw it!!! The kids had a good time playing in the nursery and we all got to mingle. It was hotter than imaginable at the temple so pictures are limited!!