Friday, February 27, 2009

Princess Brielle!!

Brielle doesn't often get posts just about her so I decided it was time. We love this girl! She is soooo competitive, and ACTIVE, and sweet, and thoughtful and so loving! She is hilarious and of course she's gorgeous!! She has said some really funny things lately. Check the comments on the right! Though I did want to share a few little stories about her. For the last 3 months she has been bugging us to go to the "beach." We went to California in November but did not make it to the beach so I was thinking that is what she meant. I keep telling her when we go to California again we will have to go, she would argue and tell me no here in Utah. I did not get it! I am putting together our blog book and was doing some pictures from the Roy Pool and she started yelling the beach, the beach. She was talking about the Roy Pool the whole time!!!

She loves, loves, loves her Cousin Brooke and they embrace like long lost loves everytime they see eachother. Brooke recently spent the night at our house and they had such a great time. It is so wonderful to have family so close!!! I love that they will be best friends!!

Here is our silly girl doing, Yoga like Mommy! We recently started growing her bangs out and I think she looks so grown up :(((((

Brielle was "SUPER KID!" at preschool on Thursday and she got to where a crown, her ultimate dream come true, and be spotlighted. Also we got to bring her favorite book to preschool and have Mommy read it to her class, fun for MOMMY! yea! We had to fill out about 8 questions about her including What her favorite food was: Popsicle's, and What she wanted to be when she grew up: A TEENAGER!!!! OH boy are we in trouble!

I'm not quite sure what is up with the head tilt but she does it every time you snap a picture! Oh and the kissey face is a learned trait from Auntie Karrah! We love this girl and love having her in our family. She is a challenge every minute of everyday but we still love her. She has learned exactly how to irritate Dawson and he is constantly screaming a high pitch scream thanks to our Lovely Girl :) She is such a tease! In her defense when you mix David and I this is what u get!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Treasure Your Children!

What I have learned over the past six months has been well a lot! I've learned a lot about the medical world most of which I care not to know but well too late. I have learned how precious life can be and how a real miracle is a "healthy child!"
I often take for granted my children even now knowing what I know. Do I make them the center of my world every minute, No. Do I make them feel special and perfect every minute, well No. Do I tell them everyday how much I love them, YES!
I am not by any means a perfect Mother, I am impatient and selfish and well tired :( Though everyday I look at my kids and marvel at them. I am amazed that my Heavenly Father has chosen me to be their Mother. I am amazed that he trusts me enough with these two wonderful spirits. I know I will probably disappoint but I will try my best. I need to be better. I need to strive to be the Mother I know I can be. I love my kids that much!
The road I have traveled the last six months has not been an easy one, has it been the hardest road possible, absolutely not. I do know that! The pediatric brain tumor world that I am now a part of is not an easy one. Brain tumors are not easy in fact if you are lucky enough to survive one you usually have long lasting complications. Mothers who I would call my friends, though some I have never really meet in person, loose their children. Mothers who I believe are much better Mothers than I am do not get more time with their children. I cannot tell you have many Mothers I have meet in the last six months whose children did not make it. They did not get the MIRACLE that is Dawson. They do not get to witness it everyday, like I do. They have to grieve and hold to past memories. Is it fair? No way but I hold to the fact that some day, we will have PERFECT knowledge we WILL understand why these children were so desperately needed.
Dawson is absolutely a miracle if you did not know his history there would be no way of knowing it! Other than the scar on his head, which I usually get asked if he fell, he has no complications. He speech is catching up at rapid speeds and he is a pure joy to be around!
I am proud to call these two beauties MY CHILDREN!
We are so incredibly blessed!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tree House Museum!

Well we have been sick for like six weeks so there has not been much excitement around the Milius House but before we got sick we took the kids to the Treehouse Museum! They love that place as you can see from the pictures! Sorry they are so late but like I said stupid sickness house!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day!

Well I decided that, "We QUIT Valentines!" I'm sick of holidays and celebrations! Both the kids have birthdays in November, then Thanksgiving, then our Anniversary, my brothers b-day, X-Mas, New Years, My sisters b-day, my Dad's b-day, David's b-day, my niece's b-day, my brother in-law then sister in-law the my other nieces b-day and that only brings us to Feb. 7!!! aggghhhhh. I'm tired! Plus I hate flowers! I know, I know most woman love roses, yada yada, not me, nope! Waste of money, they die in a week and there way to over priced! When David worked for a Mortuary in California he got free flowers and let me say, "I loved those!" I don't even mind when he brings me a casket spread, at least there free!! So there is not going to be fancy pictures of gifts or romantic dinners in this blog because what I was really doing on Valentines day would not make for great pictures: wiping green snotty noses, giving cough medicine to kiddos every 4-6 hours, making and remaking meals to try and get the kids to eat something, working from home while my husband was actually at work and cleaning the germ infested house! Great Valentines, right? It has been 4 weeks since David got sick and it has made its rounds through the family and it has been rough! I am hoping it is coming to an end!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dawson got Kidnapped!

Well today my parents took my kids for the day because I am so sick that I have not been able to get out of bed for two days! At 4:45pm my Mom calls me and tells me that Dawson went out the garage and they cannot find him. She asks if David is playing a joke on them and once I explain that no he is still at work she tells me that she is calling the police and hangs up on me.
I drive straight to my parents house get there in 6 minutes and there are 3 police cars there. On the drive I am fully expecting them to have found him by now so I am not that freaked but when I get there they tell me they have not found him and the whole neighborhood is out looking!
Okay that is when freak out Kristin comes! Hyperventilating and passing out!
The cops get a call that someone has found a lost boy in Syracuse, well my parents live in LAYTON! There is no way he walked to Syracuse without getting hit by a car! They get an address and we go to get him! It was like 3 miles away! He had to have been dropped off there! He was crying and sad but overall unharmed! The police said that someone saw him in this cul de sac just wandering.
After we get him back to my parents the cops tell us the only story they can get from Syracuse PD is that an elderly couple saw him wandering in a neighborhood and picked him up and took him home then called the police! Why would they take him and not wait where they found him? Why not call the police there? Why did the police lie to us and say that he was wandering in the cul de sac!
We will never know the answers but he is safe and home!
This boy has proven again that he is on the earth for a reason and destined to do something wonderful! He lives through a brain tumor and now a kidnapping! Oh my! Never a dull moment in the life of the Milius'/Stefan's!