Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day!

Well I decided that, "We QUIT Valentines!" I'm sick of holidays and celebrations! Both the kids have birthdays in November, then Thanksgiving, then our Anniversary, my brothers b-day, X-Mas, New Years, My sisters b-day, my Dad's b-day, David's b-day, my niece's b-day, my brother in-law then sister in-law the my other nieces b-day and that only brings us to Feb. 7!!! aggghhhhh. I'm tired! Plus I hate flowers! I know, I know most woman love roses, yada yada, not me, nope! Waste of money, they die in a week and there way to over priced! When David worked for a Mortuary in California he got free flowers and let me say, "I loved those!" I don't even mind when he brings me a casket spread, at least there free!! So there is not going to be fancy pictures of gifts or romantic dinners in this blog because what I was really doing on Valentines day would not make for great pictures: wiping green snotty noses, giving cough medicine to kiddos every 4-6 hours, making and remaking meals to try and get the kids to eat something, working from home while my husband was actually at work and cleaning the germ infested house! Great Valentines, right? It has been 4 weeks since David got sick and it has made its rounds through the family and it has been rough! I am hoping it is coming to an end!

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Anonymous said...

OK, first I feel the SAME way about flowers. I hate buying flowers and think it's the biggest waste of money. Second, we did nothing fun on Valentines day. See my blog and it will tell you how I felt on the big V-day! I miss you lets get together soon. -seriously- I love hanging out! I hope your family gets better soon...that is the pits.