Sunday, June 28, 2009


Have I told all of you that I have the most gorgeous children on the planet? Well because I do :)...If blogs are just for Mothers bragging about their children, well then here you go!............

I mean look at those dimples...there are everywhere!!! To die for, right?

She is very, VERY into posing as you can see from these two photos... Priceless, we love this girl!!!

Strike a pose Brielle, oh okay!!!......... Too easy to get these pictures.......

This one and the first one are my favorites.... I have thousands of pictures of these kids just smiling but these are special. They take my breath away!!!

Look at that handsome man.... Enjoying the bubbles and just loving the day....

Dawson responds to every sentence with , "huh?" No matter what you say to him, or what you ask him he says, "huh?" This is his "HUH?" face I love it! I love that it got captured on film for me to have forever. I can just hear him saying, "huh," when I see this picture.

Nothing else to say but gorgeous!! Love him, love him, love him!!! I do not want him to ever grow up. It makes me sad :( everyday he is talking more and more and becoming more independent, I hate it doesn't anyone know how to freeze time yet, geeeshhhh!!!

Thanks to the photographer Andrea who did not even edit this pictures! She just snapped and bam! Look how cute!!!! I love them!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Broken Heart..............

It is with a broken heart and tears that I write this update. Miss Sadie Huish passed away this morning at 7:11am. I have really grown to love this family over the last year and am just heartbroken at the news. Though she was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor the family still held out hope for a miracle but were comforted in knowing that if she went to Heaven they "WOULD" see her again. Please, PLEASE go to her website and leave condolences for this wonderful family.

This beauty must be needed so desperately in Heaven!!!!!


Monday, June 22, 2009


These are my kiddos with their cousin Lyla 2 years ago. It is amazing all that happens in two years! Look how much they have grown and how different they look! I love these kids!

Love the hand down the pants!! Oh and the smiles are adorable!

Poor Dawson all body and head!
Look how little these two were! Now they are walking, talking 2.5 year olds! Yikes! They love eachother but they fight non stop! Oh the fun of competition.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silly Boy..............

I love my boy............If you have not already realized that. hehehe
He is so funny, he is often performing some kind of silly thing for us! I just think this pictures are hilarious! The way he ears are bent and of course the faces!!!!!
Who would of thought that David and my kids would have silly personalities???? Look at that tongue!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Blog!

After Brain Tumor Awareness Month I have realized there were just not enough time to spread the word so I started a blog to raise Awareness. To keep everyone up to date on the children I featured and new children who I have not featured. Please join this blog and become a follower so we can all make a difference. Knowledge is power! You can use this link to access the new blog, our go to

Pediatric Brain Tumor Awareness


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cowgirl Up...........................

My Aunt Brenda from Park City has a son that is 3 and she generously gives us his hand me downs probably once a month. The only reason Dawson has clothes is because of this!!! Well my little 3 year old cousin, is rather tall an it usually takes Dawson a few months to fit in the clothes but it has worked out perfectly with the seasons, yipee. Plus all the clothes she sends are name brand clothes, Gymboree, Baby Gap, stuff I would not normally buy :)
Anyways the last batch of clothes came with these AWESOME COWBOY BOOTS!!!

Dawson walked around the house in them with just a diaper on yelling, "Yee Ha!" That is until Brielle realized they fit her. And ever since then we cannot get them off of her! After wearing them for several days we finished going through the bag of clothes and we find the matching, "WRANGLER" shirt. Oooohhhh yeeeeaaaaa!

Brielle is in happy land. She asks me to do her hair like a Cowgirl and this is what I came up with. Then she walks around telling everyone "COWGIRL UP!" Don't know where she got it but it is hilarious. It must be because we live in West Point. hahahah

The day after these photos were taken she wasn't feeling good and she was of course wearing this outfit again but she added, "COWGIRL DOWN." She says because she was sick :)


Monday, June 8, 2009


While Karly was in the hospital her older daughter Lyla, who is 2 stayed at our house. We loved it! We pampered her and tried to really make her feel special since the focus was on her new sister.

We went and had lunch and played at McDonalds!!!

We painted fingernails and toenails!!

This is my cute man playing, in where else the basketball area!

We did fancy hair do's. Brielle and Lyla had matching hair which they keep saying "twins!" Lyla slept great and was such a good girl. Though having two 2 year olds that both want your attention is rough, I feel sorry for you parents of twins out there :)!!!!

Lyla is so funny she, like Dawson does not like to get sticky!!! In this picture she is eating a Krispy Kreme donut with no hands!! Like bobbing for apples! It is hilarious the problem is as soon as she sees you trying to take a picture she picks it up like she knows she is being silly!
The picture below with the ding dong she caught me taking the picture, she was to fast for me!

Baby Lacee.....................

My sister Karly had her second baby on May 12, 2009 12:03am, a little girl named, Lacee Ann Michelsen, 7lbs 6oz 20in. She is soooo cute and we just all love her!

Look at all that hair!!!

Brielle is so good with her! She could sit and hold her all day if we let her! She holds her all by herself and kisses her it is so sweet!

New Baby's are so fun! Nope does not make me want one!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random Pics...........

I love my family! Look how cute Dawson's face is looking at Brielle, Priceless! I also think Brielle looks like me in the pic, which is weird!

I do not know how this dog has made it into our family but she is in! Agghh the house pooping stinky dog is loved by my family. (All but me) Then why does this dog prefer me over everyone? I want to give her away everyday and maybe fry her up with onions and peppers but no one will let me :)

This little boy melts my heart! His big head, bad breath, scars and bad attitude every inch of him! He can do no wrong! Which is really bad because he is definitely in his TERRIBLE TWO'S!!!!! He doesn't listen, yells no at us, screams at the top of his lungs but look at that face!

I can never have another boy because this boy is so special to me. If I have any more kids which the jury is out on that fact, I am ordering girls! Harder overall but how can another little boy take any of this love!

Love him!

I see this and just smile :) Look at that head, hahaha.....

Meet Medusa Brielle!
Brielle is into taking pictures of herself. So I get about 6 of these kind of pictures on my camera every time I load them on my computer! They are a crack up and we usually spend a lot of time laughing at these pictures. CLASSIC BRIELLE!!

Update, Update..............

Here are some pictures of Easter morning. I know, I know way behind but because May was devoted to Brain Tumor Awareness we are going to be playing catch up.

Here is all of the Easter basket's on Easter morning! Daddy and Mommy's are in Tupperware but who cares right :)

Brielle's Easter basket with a Snow White doll!

Dawson's Easter basket with a T-Ball set!

Daddy's Easter Tupperware with a DVD!!

Mommy's Easter Tupperware with, what else Chocolate!

Classic Footprints left from the Easter BUNNY! Stefan tradition goes back to early childhood :) so happy to carry on the tradition with my kiddos!

Aren't those some awesome lookin Easter Eggs?