Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Periodic Fever Syndrome

After months and months of random high fevers Dallin was finally successfully diagnosed with Periodic Fever Syndrome. There are many variations of this syndrome some that have a specific genetic component that is now recognized but his type has yet to be identified as genetic. That does not mean it is not genetic just that research has yet to identify it.
David and Dawson both had the same syndrome so we know it is genetic but again there is not enough research. Until I actually did the research I was unaware of the connection between the three.
"This syndrome includes recurrent episodes of fever with aphthous stomatitis (mouth sores) and pharyngitis (sore throat with redness). Occasionally, there also may be exudate (white patches on the tonsils) and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck (adenitis). Episodes of fever start suddenly and last for 3-7 days. Fevers occur routinely every few weeks; often, families know the exact day when an attack will start. Some children have other symptoms like joint pain, abdominal pain, headache, vomiting or diarrhea. Children are completely well between attacks."
Dallin went through months of fevers with no real explanation before being admitted several times to Primary Children's Hospital for help. While the ER was not much of a help they were able to make him comfortable.
Which led me to begin my research. After spending a few hours on the Internet I was able to identify his syndrome. Find a doctor in Salt Lake City that specializes in periodic fever syndrome and ask for her help! Finally a doctor that understood and did not want to just keep masking the problem!!! After in depth blood work and genetic testing tonsillectomy was suggested.
While there is no known reason tonsil removal seems to cure this syndrome in over 90% of cases. The odds were absolutely worth taking especially because this is what cured David and Dawson.
These pictures are all various fever episodes.

Many Angry Faces of Dallin Baby

As many smiles as he gives he also gives equal amounts of angry faces. Which we enjoy almost as much. ;)

Many Smiles of Dallin Baby

This baby has had a rough few months!!! So I thought I would post some of his happy moments. :). Love all his smiles. He has a GREAT smile if I do say so myself!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ugly Christmas Sweater

For our December Bunco I suggested we do "BEST" holiday sweater!! I was unable to find my old really GREAT sweater and DI came up empty so I had to use my sisters. Christmas Kitties did the job!!!

Black Door

If you know me at all you know I'm not happy unless I'm doing a project!! From building shelves to painting countertops I. Love. It. All.
Our front door was the standard builders white. BORING!! I have wanted to paint it for 5 years!!!
Last summer I finally got to it!! While I was at it I painted our faded shutters black also!!

Dawsons MRI

I know it's been months but with no Internet at home right now blogging has taken a back seat!
Dawson had an MRI in September as a routine follow-up to his brain tumor and also as requested by his ENT to make sure his severe nose bleeds were not being caused by something more serious!
Happy to report there were no surprises and no post op changes!!! We are 3.5 years from diagnosis and he is still doing great!!! Love this boy!!