Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dawson turns 4.....

Dawson turned 4...yes 4 on November 17th!...He had a little preschool birthday party and then we celebrated at Monna and Coaches house!

Dawson's Preschool teacher really goes above and beyond for these kids!

Dawson's new favorite shirt!..Buzz Lightyear!

Dawson's punching bag....oh yes...Thank u Karly ;)

Dawson's "toodle" cupcake cake. This boy loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

How we love this big Miracle boy....

Fun with cousins.........

Brielle, Dawson and Lily at John's Incredible Pizza!

Milius Family at John's Incredible...

Cousins sharing an ice cream cone!

Cameron and Lily being silly....;)

Even Dallin enjoyed some cousin time napping with Jaxson!

Brielle, Dawson and Will..(who is actually my cousin, their 2nd cousin)
Sure had a fun time hanging out with all our family in California!

Brielle turns 6....

While we were in California for a wedding Brielle had a birthday! My first born turned 6 years old on November 11....We were at our cousins amazing new house and guess what? The birthday fairy visited her all the way from Utah! Oh and she chose a Spiderman Cake very Brielle!

We went to John's Incredible Pizza for her birthday and were joined with all our family and all of our friends! It was great! Brielle played games, games and more games! We all ate and she opened a few presents!

8 Week Old

Our baby Dallin is 8 weeks old! I cannot believe it! This is his Teddy Bear Snow Suit from his Aunt Angie and Uncle Greg!

Brielle took this picture and we think it is pretty funny!

Dallin is weighing in at 12lbs! Look at those wrist rolls. (Okay I realize he is not the fattest baby in the world his best friend Tanner is but I still think he is chubby)

Dressed for a wedding in California..GQ Model...

Nothing better than a sleeping baby! Wish he would do it for longer stretches! Man we are so in love with this baby!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Closet......

I did this closet before Dallin was born. In one of my nesting periods. As I explained in the other shelf post I hate dressers! They take up space you cannot see the clothes stacked in them and my kids unfold all the clothes to find the one thing they are looking for! Soooo I build shelves!

Forgot to get a real before shot but here is the first support beam!

All the support beams!...I choose to use beams and drill them right into the stud because I anticipate my children climbing up them at some point!

Painted and caulked.

All finished! Dawson has the 3 bottom shelves. Dallin has the top 2 which are actually further apart so store a lot of clothes!

Last Prego Picture..............

This picture was taken by Brielle on my iphone! This is before I went to the doctors and was sent to Labor & Delivery to have Dallin!
So this is the day I had him! BTW I hate prego pictures! Look at the Prego face...ughhh!