Sunday, August 24, 2014

Entertainment Center Tower Redo....

Yes, its been two years but I wanna play catch up because I want to print blog books in the near future.  So for now I will do current updates and catch ups.


My friend asked me if I could do anything to spruce up her entertainment tower and because it was solid wood I knew I could bring it back to life!  I love a challenge.  I love making old things new.  I'm no professional by any means I still use a brush and roller as opposed to a sprayer but I still love how they turn out! 

Here is the before of the cabinet.  The smokey glass is lovely.  The broken door adds character :) and that 90s oak is to die for!

I knew instantly I would remove it all.  Then add baseboard and crown molding to make it more from this decade.  A quick google search and I found a couple pieces that were exactly what I was picturing. 

After removing the smokey glass and broken doors it was already improved!  I sanded the entire cabinet.  You have to remove the sheen on any piece of furniture to get regular paint to adhere.  I use an automatic sander and it makes all the difference.  After a good sanding I added the bead-board backing.  I simply cut bead-board to size and glued them on!  I used Liquid Nails construction adhesive laid the cabinet down and just let the glue dry. 

It's already a transformation, right?

After the glue had dried and the bead-board was secure I moved on to the base board.  This is just builder grade standard here in Utah.  I used my miter saw to cut the base to size, used Liquid Nails and my brad nailer to attach it to the cabinet.  This was the easiest part because I had just spent a week adding baseboard to our basement so cutting it was fresh in my mind. 

Because I didn't have any crown molding on hand I decided to go ahead and prime the cabinet first.  I use Zinsser primer.  It's the best.  Nothing else compares.  It is a little more pricey than others but most of the time needs one coat and the paint adheres beautifully saving you money in the end.

I got the crown molding up but it was challenging.  Crown Molding is tricky to cut.  I've done it before but it usually takes me several (4-5) mistakes before I remember.  Ugh.  So google it and watch videos.  I glued and nailed it on like the base.  Gave the unit one coat of primer and one coat of paint. 

The insides of the cabinets got a second coat and then I starting playing around with glaze.  I use Kwal glaze, in Raw Umber.  (I had to wait for all the caulking to dry before giving the whole thing a second coat)  Caulking really is your best friend.  Makes your seams look perfect and flush.  I also used some wood filler to fill in the holes where the doors were connected.  

I'm a bit of a perfectionist so distressing and glaze can give me anxiety.  I have to learn to be ok with imperfections because that is what is supposed to happen!  I took a hammer back to he cabinet to add indents where the glaze would catch and look worn.  I also use a screw laid flat with a little tap from the hammer to get rivets for glaze enhancing.   


In my friends living room waiting for the last two shelves (I took a break because of summer heat) and accessories.  This took me a couple weeks because I have kids that need things off and on.  :)  What do you think? 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Projects

Nothing warms my heart more then projects!! I love them.

 I got this cute bed on KSL and gave it a facelift.  A cream paint with glaze!  Love how it turned out.  Trying to sell it now.  :)

 My D.I. knife holder.  Hated the Oak.  Paid the $1.  Gave it a red coat of paint with a glaze.  Love glaze!!!


 Halloween 2x4 craft...

 Almost done..


Isn't it cute?!?!?!?!


 I made this cute flower box!!  I need to paint it but I love it!  Also, another entry way stand.  I will paint it and add a hook.  So you can hang any seasonal signs on it in your doorway.  :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Outside Dallin

 Dallin has been enjoying a lot of time outside.  He loves it.  Could spend all day out there. 

 Dallin and his Mimi.

 Dallin on a scooter...

Very Proud of himself...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dallin turns 2!!!!!!!!

Somewhere along the last little while my baby grew up!  He is 2 years old!!!...I love this baby.  We love this baby.  We adore everything he does.  Mickey Mouse is the only show he will watch.  He loves it.  Though he calls Mickey "Bo"  It is hilarious and just another thing we love about him.  So naturally we had to have a Bo party.  Just family and cake.  

Bo cake.

This is his embarrassed face.  He was not quite sure how to handle the singing.  It was hilarious!!  He did better than Brielle at her second birthday, she cried.  :)

HAHAHA.  That face.

He actually blew the candle.  I think Daddy and Dawson jumped the gun and blew it out but he was really gonna do it!!

This is his evil face.  Looks just like his Daddy!


That was yummy....

Cousin Sofia..

Cousin Zane....


Brielle, Cousin Brooke, Cousin Lacee, Auntie Karrah, and Maklee.

Cousin Parker...

Look a CAR!!!!....

Cousins Lyla and Zane, Dawson and Maklee.....

This was a great little party for our Dallin boy. 

Dawson starts Kindergarten

This was a special day for our family.  A day that was once so far away and uncertain.  When Dawson was diagnosed with his brain tumor I was convinced it would come back.  So I lived from MRI to MRI.  First in three month increments.  Then six month.  Now yearly.   I would lie if I said I do not get emotional every time I see him run into kindergarten happy and as normal as can be.  We are forever grateful for our Dawson.    

This is the only picture I got of him smiling.  It is a terrible quality picture but as you see below smiles are hard to come by. 

Forever the entertainer!!!

His fire backpack!!

His crazy grin...

Dawson among his classmates.  Just as any other normal kid.  The greatest feeling in the world.

Brielle starts 2nd GRADE!!!

 Where did my baby girl go?  2nd grade.  Her own fashion opinions.  Her own attitude.  Oh man. 

 Had to have a side backpack!

She is a great big sister and Dallin just adores her!!!!  He waits all day for her to get home.

 Brielle loves her brothers.

2nd Grade and no looking back!