Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay so I know as the mother I am supposed to be able to multi task, right? How about multi task times 8. The last week I have been so overwhelmed! I feel like I am starting to loose my mind. I am working 40+ hours, planning a wedding, getting my brother into college, taking a third year college English class for David, trying to raise two crazy kids, trying to be a good wife (not going so well) I often take out all of my anxiety on him, plus the normal church callings and household work, plus money, is there ever ENOUGH? Plus I am still dealing with the small claims court CRAP and yes CRAP it is for the idiot who hit my van and hasnt paid to fix it. I don't know about everyone else but I feel like I am constantly trying to please everyone. As most of you know I am a little OCD and I hate messy things, my house, the laundry now even the yard and I cannot keep up! aagggghhhh! I usually do not write on this blog to vent but you know sometimes your just really low. And just when you think you couldnt possibly handle one more thing you realize that your in charge of Sharing Time in primary this week and your husband is working!!!!!!!!!! (P.S any ideas on a good easy sharing time would be much appreciated, I have never done one before)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Funny Photos!

Here are some pics of Dawson that I meant to put on a long time ago. No feet are safe around our house if they are exposed he tries to bite them! haahaha (as you can see this pic was awhile ago he still has his cast on!)

Busy BUsy!

Well we have not posted in awhile because of the crazy thing we all call life. I have been planning my brother Eric's wedding, which is July 5 and I made some graduation announcements for my other brother Kyle. Kyle just finally moved here from Cali and we are so excited he is here. He will be attending USU and we couldn't be happier. My brother Eric meet a girl on his mission in Argentina and he has been trying to get her here since July 5 2006. They will be getting married two years to day he got home from his mission. As you can imagine planning a wedding for a girl in another country has been difficult but we are pretty much done now and I think it will be nice and under $800 bucks, yes that is right. I have been doing all of this and working 40+ hours a weeks, needless to say I am pooped.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Last week we went to California for our friend Brett Rooker's wedding and it was wonderful. The trip was amazing and we had a great time! I missed my kids so much but it was still awesome. We have never been kidless before and it was fun staying out late not making potty breaks or changing diapers. The Yacht was amazing and as you can see it was fun dressing up and getting fancy. Plus we got to ride in a Limo which was a first for me!!!!!!

The Yacht!

Well as some of you know David and I spent last week in California for a wedding. Now this was no Mormon wedding and what I mean is budget wise. The Yacht was $25000 for the wedding and it was amazing. Four stories tall and I could not even get a picture with the whole thing! It was awesome. More pics to come of us! (I know the pics are small but click on them, It was on my phone.)