Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brielle's Surgery!

Well on January 8, Brielle had her tonsils and adenoids removed. The surgery only last about 15 minutes but is felt like an eternity to me. We were at Primary Childrens and she was having the time of her life. Brielle now tells me, "Mom remember when I died and then I awake and your there." Needless to say I am a little freaked out! She has had a rough week and so have I waking up every four hours to give her medicine it is like having a newborn. aghhhhh! This better help her streep throat issues!! (These pics were before surgery!)

X-Mas 2007

Look how cute and excited they are!

4-year Anniversary!

Well we made it a whole 4 years! YEA! Two kids, two careers a house and about 40 extras lbs., together. (This is before we started our weight loss challenge.) David has since lost 14 lbs. and I have lost about 11lbs.

Failed attempt at Family Pics!

Just thought I would share our failed attempt at family pics! The one we sent out in our x-mas card was really the BEST we took! I think u would agree!