Friday, September 30, 2011

Field Trip to the Fire Station

For Preschool Dawson got to go to the Clinton City Fire Station and he loved it! He is still talking about it.

Look at Dawson's face. Pure delight!

Learning how to stop, drop and roll. Love that Dawson is curled in a ball! HA

Watching the fire video. Hank, Dawson, and Trevor.

They got to see the gym. Again look at Dawson's face.

Tanner did not like the fireman.

Dallin loved them.

Hank going through the ambulance.

Trevor and Dawson.

Some of Dawson's preschool classmates.

My gorgeous BOY!


A couple Tuesdays ago we had the chance to go to the Zoo for free (thanks Mariah) so we went before all these boys had preschool. We spent a couple hours and it was great! There was no crowd the weather was AWESOME and the smells of the animals were not very strong because it was not HOT.

First step was the train ride. It is only about 1 min long but they are boys and love it none the less!

Cooper and Hank.

Dawson drinking from the Lion....He liked poop this. :)

Yes all these kids are boys! Seven boys! They are going to tear up West Point someday.

These three boys are VERY close in age! Dallin, Trevor and Hank.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dawson starts Soccer

Dawson started his first year of soccer! He is on the Blue Rocket Flash. He was not sure the first game and refused to play. He cried and locked onto my body. He gave it one chance and fell. He was really upset then his coach gave him a pep talk and he tried once more. Kicked the ball two times!!
Today he played against his buddy Trevor's TEAM!!...These two boys were so excited!! I caught them several times during the game chatting...

Warming up!

Running sideways!!...Hilarious!

Running around the field. He is always grinning!...It really is funny!

Trevor warming up!...Determined

Dawson talking to Trevor...

Dawson "sprinting!"

Dawson "eating it"

Dawson and Trevor chatting again!

Trevor getting a breakaway!!!

Dawson skipping off the field.

So proud!!!

Best Buddies....

Brielle starts Soccer

This is Brielle's second game of the season. She is now on the bigger field and it is five on five. She also has a practice once a week. She really loves soccer but not the heat! She has been doing pretty good this season she got a few goals the first game and one today. She is a little slow to react but as the season progresses we are hoping she improves on that.


About to attack the ball :)

She got it....

Another breakaway!

Toothless wonder.

Angry because I'm not holding him.

A Utah fly. :))) They have been making life pretty miserable the last few days!

Dawson Starts Preschool

My Dawson boy started Preschool for his last and final year before kindergarten. I'm glad he has a November birthday because he gets that extra year to get ready. Plus he is scared about Kindergarten.

Dawson wanted/needed "super fast running shoes that do not make his legs tired." Seriously, that is what he told the shoe lady! It was hilarious. He is still at the age where the shoes actually make him "faster!" ;) LOVE THAT!!

See him posing the Nike's??


His best buddy Trevor.

Another best buddy Hank.

He found his apple with his name on it.
He had a hard time staying for preschool. He cried and did not want me to leave. He has been going to this preschool for a year and a half. Not sure what is going on with him but he has been having some separation anxiety lately. I am hoping as it becomes more of a routine that it will be easier on him and me.

Camera Strap

I have really wanted a fancy/cute camera strap for my camera. My Sister in Law has a super cute one and I fell in love with it. Problem is I did not want to spend $25 on one. I also wanted to get my sister one for her birthday. So I did what anyone else would have done. Googled it. :)
I found a tutorial that looked way easy. So I decided I would make my own!!! It was easy!
Here is the one I followed in case you need one!

This is the fabric I chose for me!

This is the fabric I chose for my sister!

You start with two strips of your main color and sew them together. Then the fabric you want as the ruffle you want twice as long!

I have never sewn a ruffle so I was a little concerned but it was easy and fun!..

Love this fabric combination.

Finished!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!

This is my sisters!!!!