Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dawson starts Soccer

Dawson started his first year of soccer! He is on the Blue Rocket Flash. He was not sure the first game and refused to play. He cried and locked onto my body. He gave it one chance and fell. He was really upset then his coach gave him a pep talk and he tried once more. Kicked the ball two times!!
Today he played against his buddy Trevor's TEAM!!...These two boys were so excited!! I caught them several times during the game chatting...

Warming up!

Running sideways!!...Hilarious!

Running around the field. He is always grinning!...It really is funny!

Trevor warming up!...Determined

Dawson talking to Trevor...

Dawson "sprinting!"

Dawson "eating it"

Dawson and Trevor chatting again!

Trevor getting a breakaway!!!

Dawson skipping off the field.

So proud!!!

Best Buddies....

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Anonymous said...

I love those cute little boys so much!