Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dallin's First Christmas....

I took these photos of Dallin right around Christmas time. We are just so in love with this baby. As you can tell from the pictures he has a very contagious smile! It is hard to get frustrated with a baby that is always smiling!

Oh my heart just melts....

I know every Mom thinks their children are the cutest but come on....mine really are..;-)

Looking at his sister...

Oh how I wish he would just stay little....

My baby....Oh I love him!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bathroom Counter Tops..............

Our Bathroom Counter Tops were another thing we did not upgrade in our home. They came with a standard white cultured marble. At the time we were like "score!" Though over the course of living in our home I quickly realized that white counter tops are AWFUL. There was no way, NONE, to keep them clean! I had to wipe them down everyday and if I was busy they did not get cleaned. I have been looking into replacing them for years but because of cost have not. Then I decided to research re-doing what was already there! ;)

Here is a picture of the white. Not bad by any means but impossible to keep clean!


First step was sanding the sheen off the marble!..Medium Sand Paper did the trick..quick and easy. Then you tape off everything you do not want painted!.
Then you buy a GOOD primer!..I got a valspar primer and had it tinted to the gray you see above.

Then you spray paint it!!!! Yep that is right! Spray paint. It is the "stone" speckle spray paint!...Look how cool it looks.

Full view of the spray painted counter!.

Next step...you add the shine! It gives it depth and makes it smooth like granite!!!....

The sheen is a Poly Resin. It is called Enviro Tex. It is like putting a 50 layer resin on. It is used for restaurant counters, tables, bars etc.

Putting on the sheen was a little intimidating but proved to be quite easy!

You have to be very patient in letting it dry the full 72 hours!

The shine really makes the counter!

For under $50 I was able to transform my counter tops into something I LOVE...

LOVE it....Now it is time to finish the bathroom!...Painting here I come!

Monday, February 7, 2011


When we built our house 4 years ago there were a few things we or I should say "I" thought were over priced to have the builder do. Such as Medicine Cabinets in our Master Bathroom. They was to charge $150 a cabinet. I knew you could get them for about $40&up at Home Depot so there was no way I was gonna pay that! Now 4 years later I have finally installed 2 medicine cabinets in our bathroom!!!!!

Picture 1: Is what the wall looked like before!

I first started with a little hole to view inside for anything that would make installing a cabinet impossible. Such as a water pipe. It looked good from here so I continued breaking the drywall out.

I went slow and carefully because I did not want to hit any electrical wires that might be in the wall. As you can see I did find a stud, which I knew was there.

A little piece of the drywall peeled underneath the desired area but a little drywall putty will fix that right up! I did run into a water pipe on the right side of the stud but it did not interfere with the installation.

I then used a Jig Saw to remove the stud. This was tedious because I did not want to go through the wall so I had to cut slowly and chip away the stud.

This is a picture of the cabinet in the wall. I screwed into the stud on the left and into the top and bottom of the stud I cut. If you look closely the Medicine Cabinet particle board actually started to buckle because it is such a tight and secure attachment to the stud. (I'm not worried about the buckle at all.)
With the mirror attached.

Starting to put junk in it ;)

All finished. If you look in the mirror you can see the other side! They are both finished now and I. LOVE. them! More bathroom pictures to come!