Monday, March 24, 2008


Our Easter went well Brielle was really excited about her basket as you can see and Dawson enjoyed the box more than the blocks that came in it. You know what they say $10 gift; box it came in priceless. Oh yea and the kids did a egg hunt Brielle caught on but Dawson could care less.

Dawson vs. Shoe Basket!

Shoe basket 1 ---Dawson 0

The day after Dawson got his cast he fell FACE first into the shoe basket causing this wonderful cut by his eye. Like he didn't look abused enough now he has a cut by his eye! (I think he is top heavy from the big head)

Broken Arm!

As most of you know Dawson broke his arm! The break goes completely trough his radius and halfway through his ulna. To make it worse we do not know exactly how it happened. I know WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD. (We think it happened when he fell of our bed, of course face first) All I know is he had been whining for a few days and had a ear infection also so I kept doping him up on Motrin obviously masking the real pain of his arm. By Tues. the 11th I was sick of his whining and constant needing to be held mentality so I keep putting him in his bed, he fell asleep a couple of times and when he woke up I put him by his toys and the crawl was pathetic!!! It was like a limp crawl. I knew something was not right and sure enough, broken. I do not get it my kids drink tons of milk! He got a really cool blue cast, all the way past his elbow. As you can see he is really excited about it. They will replace it with a smaller cast tomorrow. Oh yea apparently casting a broken limb actually improves a childs whining. He is like a all new kid!! Yea

New Pics!

I have realized that I did not take very many pics of Dawson when he was first born. Probably because it was so overwhelming with the oxygen and the jaundice lights and the apnea monitor, I guess I was more concerned with keeping him alive. My mother in law on the other hand took a few pictures of him which I just saw for the first time two days ago. I was excited to actually have some! He is really little and so dark! Those are preemie diapers and they were still big! Mostly the jaundice but maybe he will tan well! He has changed a lot sense these pics. LOOK AT DAVID'S PINKY COMPARED TO DAWSON'S!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mommy and the kiddies!

We were bored yesterday and just snapping pics! My kids got one thing of mine, my eyes!

Big Burger!

Well Stefan's do like to eat out a lot but when we do cook at home we do it BIG!

Valance and Curtains!

On Saturday I started a new project, wood valances that double as a shelf and curtains and they turned out great, well I think they did. (They stuff on the shelf are purely to test out the shelf, not permanent.) The color of the curtains look really different in person they are not so bright!