Monday, March 24, 2008

New Pics!

I have realized that I did not take very many pics of Dawson when he was first born. Probably because it was so overwhelming with the oxygen and the jaundice lights and the apnea monitor, I guess I was more concerned with keeping him alive. My mother in law on the other hand took a few pictures of him which I just saw for the first time two days ago. I was excited to actually have some! He is really little and so dark! Those are preemie diapers and they were still big! Mostly the jaundice but maybe he will tan well! He has changed a lot sense these pics. LOOK AT DAVID'S PINKY COMPARED TO DAWSON'S!


April and Wes said...

I didn't even know he was pre-mature. He is so healthy... how great! I think its good to have memories of these, because it will always make you so grateful for him and his health.

Anonymous said...

he is soooo cute.