Friday, December 17, 2010

Rejected Xmas Photos

Here are a couple of funny Christmas photos that did not make it on our card this year! Too funny not to share!

My kids and their funny faces ;)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who does Dallin Look Like????..................

Here is our Dallin boy:

Double chin ;)

Just chillen...

Dallin with Binky...

Sleep smile :)

Here is our Dawson boy:

Look at all that hair!!!

He has the chin...

Just soaking....

Sleep smile :)

Here is our Brielle-y!....

Just soaking....

Binky shot...(Look at that crazy hair!)

Pretty girl!!!....

I'm leaning toward a mix! I think Dallin has Brielle's eyes and mouth! I think he has more of a Dawson nose! Dallin seems to make a lot of "Brielle" faces to me. It will be interesting to see where his looks go ;)

One thing is for sure my kids are all born with HUGE noses!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Water Slide FUN..............

We have INTERNET...............So catch up posts coming!

Over the summer my parents bought a HUGE waterslide! I found it on KSL and it was sooooo much fun!...The kids loved it but Dawson would not go down the slide!

He just sat at the top and let the water run on his head!...Apparently, it was too HUGE of a slide for him. ;)

I just love this boy and all his quirks!

How funny is that face?????

He held onto the handle and would not let go!

We had to stop the big kids from going down the slide to give Dawson and turn at the top!..HAHAHA...Love him!