Friday, August 13, 2010


Our New Baby Boy......well at least his name ;) Dallin Gary Milius...... Look how cute the burp rags turned out ;) Now we just need a baby to go with them!...They kids are very excited and love calling him by name! It is so cute!
BTW--Gary is after my Dad, in case anyone was wondering.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Surgery Day

I know I am behind on my days but thought I would post where I left off!...Disclaimer: Since being laid off we no longer have internet at home. We both live on the internet on our phones just not on our computer which makes blogging.....well a little challenged!
  • July 30: The nurse comes and gets me to say goodbye to my son before they take him for brain surgery, this is 7 am. I just cry because if things go terribly wrong this could be it. Though he did not look like himself with a machine breathing for him and a bald head with a drain coming out it, he was absolutely beautiful to me. I watch as they wheel him away. Wondering what was to come and what was in store for our family. I prayed so hard that I would feel comfort. That this fear would subside and that I would be able to breath. It was the strangest sensation as I was feeling the comfort of my Heavenly Father! I was strangely confident going into the waiting room. Maybe numb but that is okay.
  • Surrounded my family and friends we all held our breath as the wait began. I remember thinking well I better do my make-up because at least I would feel better. Nope that did not work :( Though the yummy baked goodies and snacks brought in by friends did work. Funny how eating always makes me feel better!
  • They say 5-7 hours for the surgery and that they would call us periodically and tell us how it was going. 1.5 into it they call and say just getting started we had a rougher time getting all of the stinking IV's in . 1.5 hours later the surgeon walks in to the waiting room with no smile on his face and calls David and I into the conference room, I thought I was not going to make it to the room. I was faint and nauseous. He said everything was great, went great and they were done! He said it was very successful Dawson did not loose very much blood so he did not need a transfusion and they believe it to be Choroid Plexus Papilloma, or a benign tumor. I could have kissed that man! From 2pm until 2am I sat in a hard rocking chair holding my incredibly brave but incredibly frightened 20 month old baby. He would not allow me to leave him and would cry out for me until I returned so I went no where. When I could take it no more I laid him in his crib or jail and went and caught about 3 hours of sleep. The guilt almost consumed me and I was right back at his side!