Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Birthday Photos....

My sister Karly took first year photos of Dallin this year and I have to say I like them better than Kiddie Kandids! (which has gone down hill since their buyout) My sister does great work, is very reasonably priced and getting a nice new camera next week, so check her out here.

Okay some people do not like his crown but I too bad! ;)

This is one of my FAVORITES! I saw this picture idea on pinterest but it was a little girl wearing her moms heels. Well since I do not have a girl...we improvised with David's vans. I love how it shows how small he still is.

My sis had a great idea to let him do the cake again and take pictures as he goes....They turned out awesome!

Poor cake never had a chance! HA

Disclaimer: I have the cutest baby ever! Just sayin. hehe

Dallin Turns 1....

Cannot believe that my little brown eyed, olive skinned, Italian baby is a year old. It seems it went so very slow but also very fast! He did not sleep through the night until 10 months old. He has 10 teeth including 2 molars and the bottom 2 are almost in. He is tall and skinny coming in at 75% percentile for height and 50% for weight. He was just recently weaned and was not happy about it but has taken to whole milk wonderfully. He smiles all the time and lights up the room when he does. He loves his family and his mommy most. :) He eats anything you put in his mouth but seems to get hives from strawberries. He can say, dada, mama, dogdog and a few other words that seem repetitive but I'm unsure on what they mean yet.

For his birthday we decided we would do a Monkey theme! We were so excited to be able to have some of our California family in town to celebrate with us!

My gorgeous Italian BOY.

Big shout out to Melissa R. for making this awesome banner and the door sign.

I made monkey cups....with the help of some besties.

I made monkey cupcakes.....

Door sign..thanks Mels.

We had a huge Mexican feast which included these yummy creamy chicken taquitos!..MMMM
Click on link for recipe.

My other super friend Melissa C. made this adorable cake!!! Love it!.

No party is complete without a pinata. :)

Dallin's special birthday bib.

Ready to devour that cake but he was very hesitant!

So I shoved his hand in it. He was not happy.

Then he caught on. ;)

The kids all got monkey faces, hats and blow thingys. :)

I did say all the kids didn't I??? No party is complete without "COKE" or "DOH" putting on a show. Thanks everyone who came to celebrate this great baby!!!