Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brielle's Surgery!

Well on January 8, Brielle had her tonsils and adenoids removed. The surgery only last about 15 minutes but is felt like an eternity to me. We were at Primary Childrens and she was having the time of her life. Brielle now tells me, "Mom remember when I died and then I awake and your there." Needless to say I am a little freaked out! She has had a rough week and so have I waking up every four hours to give her medicine it is like having a newborn. aghhhhh! This better help her streep throat issues!! (These pics were before surgery!)


Andrea said...

What a brave little girl.

BTW, I love the Brielle's corner. She is so funny! My favorite is the one about you eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What a hoot!

Ned & Heidi Broberg said...

I loved those little pictures, and actually she did looke like she had a fun time. And my mom and I just had a great laugh over her little "died comment" she is a funny girl...where she got that from I can only tell!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I would be so freaked out too. How scary, I'm glad she is doing well. I hope things have gotten a little easier since then. It seems Jan. has just been a bad month for everyone...Maklee and Tige have both been coughing all month with colds and I am going bonkers!

Anonymous said...

Brielle is the most beautiful child that ever breathed. I love that baby girl. She need her Mimi to spoil her rotten and ( I WILL )!

Give her a big kiss and hug for Mimi.