Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy BUsy!

Well we have not posted in awhile because of the crazy thing we all call life. I have been planning my brother Eric's wedding, which is July 5 and I made some graduation announcements for my other brother Kyle. Kyle just finally moved here from Cali and we are so excited he is here. He will be attending USU and we couldn't be happier. My brother Eric meet a girl on his mission in Argentina and he has been trying to get her here since July 5 2006. They will be getting married two years to day he got home from his mission. As you can imagine planning a wedding for a girl in another country has been difficult but we are pretty much done now and I think it will be nice and under $800 bucks, yes that is right. I have been doing all of this and working 40+ hours a weeks, needless to say I am pooped.


Anonymous said...

Cute! Good job. You are an awesome sister.

April and Wes said...

great job kristen! :)

The Ward Family said...

What a nice sister you are. I'm excited for Eric. Eric and Kyle look so old, that's crazy