Thursday, June 26, 2008


Okay so I know as the mother I am supposed to be able to multi task, right? How about multi task times 8. The last week I have been so overwhelmed! I feel like I am starting to loose my mind. I am working 40+ hours, planning a wedding, getting my brother into college, taking a third year college English class for David, trying to raise two crazy kids, trying to be a good wife (not going so well) I often take out all of my anxiety on him, plus the normal church callings and household work, plus money, is there ever ENOUGH? Plus I am still dealing with the small claims court CRAP and yes CRAP it is for the idiot who hit my van and hasnt paid to fix it. I don't know about everyone else but I feel like I am constantly trying to please everyone. As most of you know I am a little OCD and I hate messy things, my house, the laundry now even the yard and I cannot keep up! aagggghhhh! I usually do not write on this blog to vent but you know sometimes your just really low. And just when you think you couldnt possibly handle one more thing you realize that your in charge of Sharing Time in primary this week and your husband is working!!!!!!!!!! (P.S any ideas on a good easy sharing time would be much appreciated, I have never done one before)


Ryan, Carrie, Kaydree, and Carver said...

You need a spa day, no kids no husband! You have taken on too much, hopefully things will clear up after Eric's wedding and stuff. Then your family can help you more when they're not worried about that. If I lived closer I would take your kids for the day...hang in there cuz!
PS: If you look in the Friend, they have a sharing time section that has really good ideas that you can pretty much just copy.

The Ward Family said...

You have taken on a lot. I can only handle Jocelynn (one child) and my house. That's about it. I'm pretty impressed.
PS- For sharing time, you can make a board. They can either match pictures (call out a number at a time) When they've matched the picture, talk about each one. In the background (behind the pictures) they guess what it says. Or talk about faith and use the oreo cookies as dirt (plant a fake flower in it)
Hope it helps a little.

kimber said...

ok so i feel like i am staking you cause i read your blog sometimes i really don't know you that well except we are in the same ward and are in primary together but if you need ideas i have a book (i think) or you can go to seagull book and they have the sharing time book you can buy for the whole year if you want we can go have on it cause i need it for next month for sharing time it has the whole thing line out for you so it is Easy!! hope this helps -- kimber

Todd Family said...

I teach the sunbeams in my class so when sharing time came...i was a bit nervous. the theme was on priesthood so i talked about having faith. i felt faith and priesthood go hand in hand and read the scripture "thy faith hath made thee whole." i made four planters with fake flowers and in 3 of them i put real fertalizer and in one i put oreos. i told the kids how much their teachers and family and leaders love them and would never ask them to do anything that would harm them. i asked if they had faith in that. i called on kids to come up and eat the "fertilizer." at first they were hesitant but one kid said ok and came up and ate it. then i had a "Craft" activity and i pre cut out flower peddals, a sun, leaves, grass, etc. to remind them of the flower and the faith that they had. the craft keeps them busy and then i sprayed "body spray" to make the flower smell good...the kids loved it. i gave them all handouts of "dirt" or smashed cookies that looked like dirt in a zip lock that said "thy faith hath made thee whole." this is long sorry...but it's just a thought...good luck with everything..remember that God doesn't give more than you can handle..he really trusts you! i hope your week gets better!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I don't know what to say, I feel so bad that you are so stressed. It's OK to vent on your blog, you need to do that once in awhile. Everything will work out, take it one day at a time. You are doing so much to help others right now that you are going to be blessed for all your good works. Have your cute husband give you a blessing. That will help.