Monday, September 15, 2014

Back to School

This new school year Brielle started 4th grade and Dawson started 2nd grade.  We got back to school haircuts and had all our back to school shopping done in plenty of time to be super excited about the new year.   

Dawson desperately wanted a faux-hawk but I really love short hair that requires no work. :) I gave in and so far it has been easy.  He does his own hair in the morning so its no added work for me.  Brielle just wanted a few inches cut off.  She is looking so grown up.   

Clothes all laid out ready for the first day of school!

Getting them both to pose and smile, impossible. 

  Love these kids and they were pretty excited to start school!

My silly spiderman boy!  (so much like his Daddy)

Brielle has Mrs. Berry and she sends home HW Friday and it needs to be turned in the following Thursday.  We are pretty excited that we have some weekend time to do HW since weekdays can get pretty busy.  Brielle was asked to be in SEM again this year for Language Arts.  Based on testing done during the year kids that show advanced skill in certain areas are asked to be part of a small group that does harder work/projects.  She was very excited to be chosen again.  Now she needs to challenge herself in other areas and maybe she will get picked for those next year.  Dawson has Mrs. Pectol who is very electronically savvy which I LOVE.  All of his HW is online!  Which, so far, is exciting for him and feels like playing.  He has MUCH less HW this year than last year and that is also a very good thing for him because after almost eight hours at school his brain is pretty tired.  Looking forward to another great year of learning for this kiddos.

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