Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Dallin Gary Milius starts preschool!!!

I don't like to say we have the BEST ...... but in this case we do!  We have the BEST preschool ever!.. All my kids have attended Jelly Bean Junction preschool and have loved it.  So excited for Dallin to love it too.  

Dallin is by far my most different child.  His personality is much more reserved and shy than my others.  He doesn't usually warm up to people well.  Does not talk to people he does not know.  Doesn't like to leave my side so I have been worried about preschool.  But much to my SHOCK he has been so excited and absolutely loves preschool!  Runs out of the car excited and never looks back!

This picture is soooo Dallin.  Shy to even smile.  :) Oh how I love this boy!


 Hanging his backpack!                    His first preschool paper!!

Now for some comparison throw backs!!

Brielle 2008

Brielle 2009


Dawson 2010

Dawson 2011