Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Another Closet......

I did this closet before Dallin was born. In one of my nesting periods. As I explained in the other shelf post I hate dressers! They take up space you cannot see the clothes stacked in them and my kids unfold all the clothes to find the one thing they are looking for! Soooo I build shelves!

Forgot to get a real before shot but here is the first support beam!

All the support beams!...I choose to use beams and drill them right into the stud because I anticipate my children climbing up them at some point!

Painted and caulked.

All finished! Dawson has the 3 bottom shelves. Dallin has the top 2 which are actually further apart so store a lot of clothes!

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Anonymous said...

you're amazing. I love the idea and it looks great Kristin! Way to go!