Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eat your hearts out.................

I don't know what it is about pregnancy but it makes me want to organize!...I hate, hate HATE clutter!...I like everything to have a place and everything to be in its place. After being in our house for nearly 5 years I finally came to the conclusion I need to create more room for dirty clothes.! With working and being pregnant I find that I just do not get to the laundry as often as I would like or should. And if it does get washed it often sits in a basket until it is used again!...I know terrible!!
In our laundry room, we had the coat closet from the hallway built into the laundry room instead of having an actual closet. Great idea but with the gigantic winter coats hanging there year round it left no room for dirty clothes! Or clean for the matter :)
As embarrassed as I am look at the laundry disaster you would not get the full joy unless you saw a before!...Ughhh...I had major anxiety about going in the laundry at all!...My solution!??!?!?!?!?
Floor to ceiling shelves!!!...Eliminate the winter coats...now hung downstairs and build shelves large enough to hold 2 laundry baskets on each shelf!...Making a total of 10, yes 10 laundry baskets!!!!........YAAAAAAAA
It actually went easier than expected and I love, LOVE IT. Painted it all to match and of course had to buy some new laundry baskets so they all matched ;) I have never had laundry hampers in the kids rooms. I hate them! Instead the kids have always brought their dirty clothes from the day and thrown them in the ONE basket. Now with all the clothes we accumulate it was just not working!
Even more exciting....my kids are now separating their own clothes from lights and darks! Progress! So we have towels in the bottom two baskets, kids clothes on the next shelf, Mom and Dad clothes on the next shelf up, then clean clothes on the next two shelves!...NOW I NEVER HAVE TO FOLD AGAIN....well if I don't want to that is!!....SOOOOO HAPPY!
This shelving project has spun me on an organization binge...built cubbies in Brielle's closet (pics to come) and now plan on doing the boys closet!...Maybe next week :)


Katie said...

Oh my goodness I love organizing also! Nice job!

The Ward Family said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! That's exactly how I am when I'm pregnant. I'm like that anyway but I think worse when I'm pregnant. I get so excited when I'm organized. Life is so much easier that way. Great job!

The McKinnons said...

Wow that looks like Heaven...literally. I think only mom's/dad's (I actually have a friend whose husband does all the laundry...WHAT?) who do laundry and feel the depths of the laundry woes can fully appreciate what you have done. Well thanks a lot because now everytime I do laundry I am going to dream about your organized laundry system!!! You go!!!

Mimi said...

Wow Kristin, you have been busy. Don't tire yourself out.