Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a great Halloween this year!!!! We LOVE Halloween.

We had two American Ninja Warriors and the cutest turtle you ever saw!!

Seriously, cute!

Turtle boy...


I was one of Warren Jeffs wives. I won the prize for Bunco and created quite the controversy. hahaha..Just what I expect from a Halloween costume. David was a little weirded out because he thought I look too authentic. haha

David was some sort of Dr. Death. He was able to get a hearse and an old casket for our "trunk or treat" at the church. We had a strobe light and dry ice to add to the creepy effect. We WON best vehicle!! I like to win ;)

Milius Family 2011. btw that is a fake prego belly!

Creepy old casket!!!!


Andrea said...

I don't blame David for freaking just a little, you look pretty sister-wife-eque to me!

April and Wes said...

Your costume was seriously awesome. Plus the casket and car... you guys are cool.