Monday, March 5, 2012

Laundry Room

As you have seen in my previous posts...I put shelves in my laundry room to hold all my laundry baskets.
Well the other side of the laundry room has been neglected. With one standard shelf from our builder there it left a lot to be desired. I have been eyeing some utility cabinets at lowes and home depot for about five years.
When we got our tiny tax return I had to finally do something!! I went to home depot an loaded the cart with the gigantic box the cabinets came in. Then when walking to check out I saw the exact same cabinets put together already and $10 cheaper!!! SCORE!!!
The before picture is EMBARRASSING The laundry room became a catch all! Do not laugh!!.
Installing the one piece cabinet by myself was VERY tricky but I did it. Loooove the storage.
Enjoy my "blueprint". ;--)))

Now to paint my new little shelf..

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