Sunday, September 2, 2012

Super Fun Summer!!

We have had a super great summer!...I always feel good about myself when my kids are exhausted from all the fun we have had!  I think this year was a success.  We got season passes to 7-Peaks for $10 which is a water park in SLC and Provo.  We were really able to take advantage of these passes by going almost weekly.  With these passes we were able to go to an indoor football game and hopefully a baseball game when it cools off.  Another perk of these passes was we got to go to Trafalga Family Fun Center and play for FREE!

7 Peaks FUN!!!!

Sleepovers with BFFs. 

 Snow cones!!

David and I were even able to get a couple dates in!..We went to see Davids friend play in his band.  It was a really fun night!..

 The Ogden Cafe where they played.. 

Of course, Dress UP...

After a late night sleepover at Monna's house....

The babies playing at Trafalga!!!

 We even spent an evening in Provo Canyon and we LOVED it.  Water and rocks.  What more could you want?

 We bought a tent and had our first "camp out" in our backyard.  The kids loved it. 

 Silly time....

 Fun with COUSINS.....

More exhaustion!..

Then all the couples went out for Andrea's birthday!!..A night in SLC.  (Have I mentioned I love these girls?)

Party animals...

We even went on a family hike!  It was supposed to be very kid friendly but we started at the wrong place and it was SCARY....Can't do that again!  Sad to see summer come to an end love the freedom and no pressure schedule BUT I could not be more ready for school to start!!!.....

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