Saturday, May 17, 2008

Front Yard!

Our front yard is almost finished! A little more wood chips, a bush and maybe a few annuals and I think we will be finished. I already have some Purple lilac's, some tulips that are at the end of their blooming season, but you can see some bulbs popping up underneath them, I think those one are Lilies!! I am so excited. Oh and our Rose of Sharon Tree is starting to bud so by August we should have a beautiful flowering tree. Oh yea and of course the grass is beautiful. David loves is and is proud of course to him it is the greenest in the neighborhood! (Though he does not like how fast it grows!


The Ward Family said...

Your place is so nice! I love the yard. Did you plant them yourself?

April and Wes said...

i wish we could have green grass, wes is fixated on it, but it is too hot at our house, and our dog ate half of our sprinkler heads. he is very very jealous. :)