Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pray for 2-Year Old Lucy Jackson!!

Over the weekend in Park City, UTAH a two year old little girl named, Lucy Jackson choked on an apple in the foyer of her church building. Being that the fire station was right next door they immediatly went for help but they were out on another call. When helped finally arrived and after thousands of attempts to free the apple she was airlifted to the Hospital. She was without oxygen for atleast 25 minutes that we have heard but is now on life support and believed to be brain dead. They doctors beleive that if she were to wake from her coma she would have severe retardation because of the time her brain was deprived! As all of you mothers can imagine her mother is a hysterical mess. They did a brain scan last night and are waiting on results to see if there is any activity to continue keeping her alive. There has been a fast going on that started at 6 pm yesterday and ends today in hopes that what is the will of the Lord will be. Please keep her family in your prays that they may feel comfort during this time of sorrow and find solace in the fact that, "FAMILIES R FOREVER!!"

I will keep everyone posted as to news! (We should find out today what they will do, because they can only donate her organs within the next 24 hours)

P.S. Always cut apples really small!!


The Ward Family said...

I cried reading it. That's so sad! I will be praying for her and their family.

Ned and Heidi Broberg said...

I cannot beleive it! Ella is 2 years old and I just imagined that being me. I will pray and please keep us posted.

PS. My mom said she had so much fun seeing you all.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for little Lucy's family. My prayers are with them that Heavenly Father will comfort them. Heavenly Father must have needed her and someday we will understand all these things that happen.

Love, Mimi