Saturday, September 27, 2008


Dates forever are going to bring bad memories!
The 24th Dawson threw up for the first time.
The 27th Admitted to Davis Hospital.
30th BEST DAY of our lives when they removed (most) of it and told us it was benign!
4th We came home!

These are Dawson scans the first one has the tumor, it is big and white! The clear pocket almost surrounding it is the miracle cyst that formed. Then if you notice the dark areas are triple the size they should be, this is called hydrocephalus (excess ventricle size or fluid build up).

The second one is post op! There is a lot of fluid built up but that was to be expected because of the surgery.

The last picture is of a normal brain, NOT DAWSON's but I thought I would give you something to compare all of these to. It is an adult scan so the white skull is really thick around the brain compared to a child's. (This is a CT scan not an MRI so that is why it is not as detailed)

I hate that he had this, that there is still a little tumor in there, that it could grow again, that it could possibly turn malignant. I will never be the same!

OCT. 23 we find out all of the above worries! With a detailed MRI! I cannot wait for that day to come and I am terrified all at the same time! There is forever a pit in my stomach!

Live each day to the fullest because tomorrow is SCARY!


Anonymous said...

Baby D will be just fine. We have Heavenly Father on our side. I know you're scared but the MRI will be fine. I love you and I will be right by your side.


Heidi Broberg said...

Wow that is amazing and crazy to see those...your still in our prayers. :)

Mariah Robins said...

serious. that thing is huge. it is a wonder baby d did anything at all in the day. I am so happy that time of your life is over. Next chapter please!

Anonymous said...

Kristin, I think you are awesome. I will have you in my prayers. I know this would be the hardest, scariest thing, but there is a reason for everything. So many people love and care about you. Get a blessing!