Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Removal!

Well Dawson loves to help David shovel the snow he thinks he is such a big boy. David of course cannot wait until Dawson is old enough to shovel it himself, by then I'm sure Dawson will hate it! Life, right?


Jana and Family said...

That is for sure the way it goes! They want to help you when they really aren't able to help you, but whent they are then they moan about it IF you can even get them to do it. Oh well, they are still fun.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, these pictures are so cute! I love that he wants to help his dad.

Nathan and Nicole said...

I am so behind on keeping up with blogs : ( What a BEAUTIFUL family you have. And you are seriously gorgeous in your header picture. Both of your kids are knock-outs. I hope you're feeling better and fully healed, sorry I'm a bad cousin. Hope all of y'all are doing well. We hope to be able to come up your way soon to visit.
luv y'all