Sunday, April 12, 2009

Outdoor FUN!

The kids have decided to take advantage of the few clear days we have had lately with some backyard fun. This just amazing us! Dawson could not lift his head 8 months ago and now he is jumping on a trampoline. What a Miracle he is! Just the simplest things seem to amaze us these days :)
He loves the tramp, he often disappears during the day because he can now open the back door and where do we always find him? Jumping away!
He is so cute and loves to fall to his bum! As you can see from the video!
Isn't he a MIRACLE?

Also we are very relieved that Brielle learned at the end of last summer to "pump" her legs while she swings! Saves us parents a lot of time, she swings for hours. She is the only kid I know that when we go to a new park goes only on the swings and goes nowhere else.

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Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

Your backyard looks SO fun. That is our next project we will be working on...sigh...and not really looking forward to it.

The kids Easter pictures are very cute!