Sunday, November 22, 2009

Big BOY.....Dawson turns 3.........

What a great day for our Miracle Boy....Dawson turned 3 on Nov. 17!!!

We celebrated with both sides of the family.....He had a "Cars" cupcake.....cake. With party blowers and plates. He was sooo excited to see all the "Cars" stuff :)

The kids played and did some coloring....NOTICE DAWSON'S MOUTH!!!

Then we opened gifts....This picture is not very in focus but I think it is hilarious! Sooo excited to see money!

Classic face!!!

My big birthday Boy....With his cheesy smile:)

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

And the mess begins.....

Notice the green frosting in her dimple!

Cousin Will enjoyed the frosting....

Even Baby Lacee got in on the action!!


Anonymous said...

I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the entire world. I can't believe Brielle is 5 and baby D is 3. Where did our baby's go? I love them so.

Love forever,

Anonymous said...

what a cute cake looks like you guys had so much fun!