Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 5 year old girl.............

Brielle had a full week of birthday celebrations for her big 5th birthday.. On her actual birthday November 11th, she was visited by the birthday fairy who left streamers and balloons all over the house for her unfortunately David and I both had to work:( but Mimi made up for that. She took the birthday girl to Chuck E Cheese! Where she was "crowned" the birthday queen. After that she got to go pick out a toy at Wal Mart...and of course because I was not there to supervise so Mimi spent way to much money on her :)

After all that fun we all went......and I mean we all....all 21 family members went to celebrate at "Golden Corral." They sang Happy Birthday and made her feel very special. On Thursday she got to spend the day at Mona's house where she opened her other gifts.....A tinker bell doll and a much needed pair of PJ's.

Then on Saturday she had a little party. A Sponge Bob party! She invited just a few friends and her two girl cousins came also. They decorated cupcakes and beat a Sponge Bob pinata to death!

This is Brielle decorating her cupcake!

Blowing out her candle....I cannot believe she is 5!!!!!!!!!

Opening one of her gifts which she lovessssssss. It is tons of girly stuff...lip gloss...nail polish...etc!

Thanks to everyone who made her birthday special....More birthday pics to come!


Nikomi said...

WOW Kris I can't believe how big she is, I swear she was just a tiny baby! She looks like a big girl too. Congratulations on making it to 5!!!

Jill Duncan said...

What a fun week of birthday celebrations! She is such a cute girl! Can't believe you have a five year old!

Anonymous said...

That first picture of her is SO pretty. What a beautiful girl. Your table shot looks very professional!

Katie said...

yes, I agree that the top picture of brielle is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. she is just stunning. definitely can be a model if she just fixes that weird fake smile she gives. haha.

Anonymous said...

Love these children. It's hard to believe that Brielle is 5 and Baby D is 3 already. Where did our babies go?

They are beautiful and I adore them so much.

Love forever, MIMI

Anonymous said...
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