Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sledding....Milius Style

My family has spent some time this winter building a sled run!! It is awesome!! The kids can go on it for hours...It is on the side yard of my parents house which slants down anyways so it makes for a great run!@!

Well...this story would not be complete without some kind of Milius weirdness right??

Yep that is David going down the sled run SHIRTLESS!!!!

It is like 10 degrees outside and we dare him to go down naked....

Shirtless is all we got but it was still funny!!

He almost went over the big curve hill!!!!

Yep that is his butt crack running away before I get any more shots!!!


Anonymous said...

that is so funny! It looks like tons of fun!

Andrea said...

I wanna try....but with my shirt on (as not to make anyone puke).

The Wattles said...

Oh dang, David, getting all sexy!!

Meredith Conroy said...

your fam IS INCREDIBLY FUN. wtf? im pretty jealous. though not of the snow.

ps, my interview? youll never guess... occidental college. BAHA. our RiVaL! eee! miss ya, baby boo!

Mimi said...