Monday, June 7, 2010

Bad Pictures????

Have you parents every seen a bad photo of your kids?? For me I cannot say that I have!...I mean there is the eye blink and crazy face..but to me they are all funny and cute. Plus, I think my kids are gorgeous so why would I think any picture is bad ;)

Like this handsome boy?

Or this full laughing smile??

Or this heart stopper??

How about this crazy haired on the go girl??

These sparkling eyes??

This is one of my favorites. What is he looking at? His eyes are so intense...I love it!

Now I'm sure that all of these photos are "technically" wrong from a photographers stand point...but I love them!...That is all I want. Tons and Tons of pictures that I love of my favorite kids in the whole world!..(that is why kiddie kandids loves me..I have never seen a picture I do not want!) :))))


Mimi said...

Put them in the movies.....they are beautiful. I love them so much.


Mimi said...

I look at their pictures everyday and it makes my day a better day. They have my heart always.

I love them so much.


Jill Duncan said...

Sooo cute!! Never bad pictures when they are of the kids you love!!!

Dam Haza said...

Hi Kristin, i'm a former medical student and i hapened to be by your blog because of your little kid. Let me tell you, despite of how much you might hear this, you have one of the most beautiful kids i've ever seen. His story is inspiring, surprising and truly a blessing!!
I wish the best for your family always. Grettings, Dam