Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Brielle!

My beautiful baby is 4 years old! It happened so fast and I fell like we have all grown so much. She was a perfect baby, ate, slept and filled her diaper what more could you ask for? She grew into a wonderful toddler and was so enjoyable. David and I loved just watching her explore the world and watching the excitement in her eyes. She has continued to grow and at times I do not want her to. She is now a beautiful little girl that lights up so many lives. She is the spark in our family and makes so many people happy and smile. She is a great sister and truly cares about others feelings. She does anything and everything for her little brother and is always thinking of others. She will save her last piece of candy for a friend if she thinks they would like it. She loves to sleep and gets irritated when you wake her too early! (I don't know where she gets that?) Her vocabulary is outrageous and she is always cracking us up with some silly saying. She may be a big girl now but she still likes to snuggle and that makes us very happy. I love this little girl and she is a miracle, a healthy 4 year old girl!

The "Birthday Fairy" came to our house, which is balloons and some decor done by the fairy on the eve before the birthday so the child wakes up to decorations. Also we went to Chuck "E" Cheese, worst day of my life, dirty, hot, stinky, crowded agghhh an OCD's worst nightmare but Brielle had a great time so it was worth it!


The Ward Family said...

I love the decorations on her door. So fun!

Mary Ann said...

What a fun idea - a birthday fairy! I love her cake! I'm glad she had a great day and I'm glad that you enjoy her so much!

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is that Brielle is the most beautiful 4 year old ever! Her Mimi loves her so much!

I love you all,

The Hamiltons said...

Oh my gosh I cant believe she is 4!! I hate Chuck E Cheese always smells like urine and there are just crazy kids everywhere. We had a birthday party for Ryan at the one in Chino and the cops tackled a guy outside and had their guns drawn...oh gotta love Chino! Your kids are amazing and beautiful! When I make it up to Utah I really cant wait to see the whole family.