Friday, November 7, 2008

My OCD vs. My children!

Well I have come to a realization: I cannot do everything!
I mean I cannot:
be a mom
be a wife
be a sister
be a daughter
be a daughter in law
be a friend
be a faithful daughter of God
work 40+ hours a week
be a housekeeper
be a chef
be a doctor
be a dentist
be a taxi
be a gardner
be an athlete
be skinny
be a neighbor!
etc., etc., etc.,

Something has to give and because it cannot be the first two what can it be? I have decided to start and let go of some of my OCD's. Which for those of you who know me is a big step! I am admitting now that there are going to be dishes in my sink from time to time, there may be laundry to do, there are definitely toilets to be scrubbed and floors to be swept but there will not be children to love or a husband to love because those are my #1 priorities. I have to work so when I am home it is going to be about my children and not my dishes. Wow, that is so incredibly hard to say but I am working on it.

OCD vs my children::: OCD -0 Children-1


Anonymous said...

Never ever doubt your ability at being a wonderful mother. You are the best mother I know. You are a loving and kind person and your children and husband are your main focus and I think you are the best mom ever. You and David make your children's life fun and that is what matters. I love you so much Kristin and I am glad you are in my life.

Love, Mimi

Andrea said...

Way to go girl! This is a big step for you, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it just fine. OCD BE GONE!!

Karly Michelsen said...

If I had a car I would come over and help out more.

Jenn said...

It is so hard to balance everything. I struggle with that all the time. I feel like I go in spurts. Sometimes my house is clean, sometimes I'm a good mom, sometimes I'm a good wife, ect.... It is hard to do everything for sure.