Monday, March 16, 2009

And then there were HIVES......

Well we have been struggling to get Brielle's asthma under control since January and surprise, surprise she is sick again! She got a cold back in Feb. but we could not seem to get rid of it!! I took her to the doctors on Feb. 19, to my surprise her breathing or O2 levels were in the low 80's, YIKES! He wanted to admit her to the hospital but after much pleading on my part he agreed to allow us to do a treatment at home. She got a shot of steroids in the office then was on oral steroids for 5 days, plus her Nebulizer breathing treatments at least 5x a day! After 3-4 days she started to really improve.
Though on March 8, it started all over again. Though this time I did not wait to go to the doctors we did not want her breathing to dip that low again. He again gave her oral steroids and a whole new slew of asthma medicine. She started Flo-vent on Monday, prescribed for twice a day. She mentioned on Friday that she was itchy, I did not pay much attention, great Mom right. I figured it was dry skin :( Saturday about an hour after she woke up she was complaining about itching again so I look and to my surprise she had hives on her arms and legs!!! I pumped her with benadryl and called the doctor. Well they cleared up and the doctor did not seemed that concerned. I figured she ate something she was allergic to since she is allergy prone:).

Then Sunday morning hives from HEAD to TOE, BAD. Not just bumps but welts!!! I freaked this time called the doctor and we were in at 12:30 pm. More steroids, Allegra and discontinue use of Flo-Vent. Then follow up with Pediatrician. (See I googled Flo-vent and one of the "serious side effects is hives which continues on to difficulty breathing!")

Now she wakes up this morning with HIVES again!!! Not as bad and this time they started on her arms and face, poor girl. More benadryl and called the doctor again still waiting for a returned called. Agggghhhhhh!!!!!!
Now $240 later, no resolve, she is still coughing and miserable and now itchy!! Plus Baby D is getting the cough again :((((. HELP ME!!!

Oh yea forgot to mention that on Wednesday night Dawson started limping!!! I know broken right!! Off to the Pediatrician I went at 8:40 pm. It was the same foot he broke back in November so I was sure it was re-broken but nope the X-Rays came back okay and after and 1.5 hours we were home. He is still limping doesn't want to walk on it and holds it up and crys so who knows what is going on with that kid! If he does walk it is on the "tip e toe" of that foot, :(. What a week!!!!

Just a week in the life of the Milius FAMILY!


Andrea said...

Dang girl! This is crazy. I hope they figure it out quickly!

Anonymous said...

My poor baby girl. If it's not one thing, it another. I love her so much and she doesn't deserve to suffer, that perfect doll. Kiss her for me and tell her Mimi will see her next week and sing BY-O-BABY, BABY GIRL to her.


Anonymous said...

SIGH, if it isn't one thing with your poor little family it's another. I hope it will calm down this week for you.

Jenn said...

I can't believe it. If it isn't one thing it's another. I'm so sorry! You guys never get a break!