Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dawson is soooo Funny!

This kid is a crack up right now!! He is a face maker and a instigator! He loves to fight with his sister and irritate her and she definitely knows how to return the gesture!! Makes for a loud house. He loves his Daddy and always, always asks for him in the morning. He has really started to expand his vocabulary he can say:
Of course the usual, Momma, Dada
But he has started saying some new words and regulars
All done
Oh toodles, (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
He also says tons of names especially his cousin "Lyla" and will try and say any word you ask him too!!! He calls my dad, "Dough" instead of Coke which evolved from Coach thanks to Brielle, as a two year old hehehe! Yesterday Dawson was wearing a Nike Hoodie and points at the big Nike swoosh and says, "A Dough!!" Apparently Nike belongs to my Dad and he relized that Nike is all my Dad wears, observant kid, huh! Of course a lot of his words need to be translated but at least he is speaking!!
I am so excited he has improved so much in the last 2 months!! :)

Cutiest Boy Ever!

Told you he is Silly!


The Ward Family said...

I love to hear the sound of little kids. He is really cute and looks like a ton of fun!

Karly Michelsen said...

He is the cutest boy EVER!! I want you to have another boy. Some of Dawsons faces remind me of Ryan which is weird cause they don't look anything alike.

Anonymous said...

so cute.

Katie Johnson said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! give me MORE!!! makes me wanna give him soo many kisses!! ive got some great tips for some speech stuff you can work on with dawson. ill let you know later.

Anonymous said...

You are in so much trouble...not only is Dawson handsome but he has such a cute personality. I love that boy so prepare him for the Mimi kisses that are coming soon.