Thursday, September 2, 2010

Always Interesting!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing about our Milius family is that you never know how your day or night will go....Friday night at about 8pm kids are in bed I am in bed and I hear a big thud! Wait for a second but do not hear a cry. It was not until about a minute later that I heard the terrible scream! David heard the thud from the garage!
Dawson had leaned over his bunk bed rail and fallen head first to the ground. I tried to be the "new" Kristin and not panic! Act like everything was going to be okay but we quickly realized this was not going to happen. His cried changed. It was a strange sound! He was holding his head and making "the mouth" movements he did pre and post brain surgery. He was lethargic, not responding well and could not hold his head up!
I called his neurosurgeon or the neurosurgeon on call and the doctor told me, well if he is not throwing up then you can go to your local ER is you want. HUH? I was not pleased with him.
We went to Davis Hospital who took us right back. By this time his eyes were responding well to light and he was WAY more coherent. He had broken blood vessels on the front of his head where he obviously hit the carpet! Though when you asked him where it hurt he would point to the top/middle of his head...Weird, we thought! We all agreed that with his history we would all feel better with a CT scan just to "check" things! After, 20 minutes with no results I again said the famous words, "This is taking to long, they had to have found something!"
Sure enough the doctor came in and said well it is a good thing we did the scan there seems to be a bleed on his brain. Right in the top/middle of his head. David and I were floored that Dawson had been telling us that, that is where it hurt!
The doctor said we are consulting with Primary Children's Hospital and they are gonna want to LIFE FLIGHT him there! He said I will try to push for an ambulance instead. We again ride the ambulance to PCMC hospital just like we did almost 2 years ago exactly! Weird, I was not even upset. No tears. No crying. JUST CALM.
Upon arriving at the hospital he was rushed into the Trauma room. Now this is the room they bring emergencies! Drowning, car accidents etc. I felt like we were in the wrong place! 30 or so people working on Dawson, checking him over, doing X-rays etc. Overwhelming much! Again, I was very calm.
The doctors pulled up his CT scan and we went over them. He asked me if the spot they saw was different from the last scan? I loved the respect he gave me! Knowing that as his mother I have read enough CT Scans and MRIs to know when something is different! I was positive that the spot was not on his last CT scan. Which he then pulled up and confirmed it was new. Though we were not very concerned because it was very, very small. It could have been new blood, old blood or calcification from all he has been through. He told us Dawson was not in any immediate danger or in critical condition at all but he would like him to stay the night for observation.
3 hours later of sitting on a metal chair we finally had a room!.. My tail bone has not recovered! 4 am and it was time for bed!The world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Walker came in at about 8 am and told us he was not very concerned either and believed it could be just calcification. He said we were good to go home but sent us home with strict instructions to limit Dawson's activity. RIGHT!What a night right! ;) I love this BOY even if he does kill me eventually!!! ;))))))))
To top it off Monday at Wal-Mart Dawson fell backwards off the 2 seater cart and hit his head on the tile!!!...Though not lethargic I was slightly freaking out! He seemed okay and I relaxed.

This Chuckie Cheese inflatable crown may just be worn 24/7!!


Mary Ann said...

What an adventure!!! I'm glad everything turned out all right. I love the Chuckie Cheese crown idea. :D

Katie said...

that first picture upsets me! I'm soooo grateful that he ended up being ok. but my question is this: How does he pull off looking SO CUTE even in the most dire of situations?

Anonymous said...

I am feeling stressed just reading about it. Ugh! That kid, good grief. I am SO glad he is OK.

Karly Michelsen said...

The top picture makes my stomach hurt...cause he looks so upset...

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, are you sure you're ready for another boy? Glad all is well.

Andrea said...

Seriously, I wish you guys weren't so "interesting"!!!! We were so worried about Dawson and relieved he was okay. My kids love these pictures of D and ask a million questions when they see them.