Friday, September 17, 2010

Dawson starts Preschool.............

My Baby BOY!!!!! He started preschool!!!....Makes me a little sad :(

He was soooo excited to wear his Buzz Lightyear "Pack-Pack"

He is now a Jelly Bean Junction boy!

Dawson and his best friend Trevor!!!...These two crack me up!

Posing next to the birds! He looks very interested in taking the picture!!

I like this picture of him by the calendar!

Checking out all the toys!

Hanging his "pack pack" up!

Starting his day with Play-do and his best bud!..Notice Trevor's concentration tongue! ;)


Mimi said...

Dawson is so handsome, he is just growing up too fast. I love him so much.

Love, Mimi

Andrea said...

Cutesy boys ever!!! I am so happy that they are in the same class.

Anonymous said...

They both are so cute! Love those boys!