Friday, September 17, 2010

Library Card..............

Catch up time!!!!!!:))))) This is a few months ago ;) But bed rest is the perfect time to update the blog!!

My kids (Brielle) has been dying for a Library card! She is in love with the movie Matilda and had to get a card of her very own! Since I was working at the time it took us awhile to get around to it but when we did both the kids loved it!
She wrote her own name on her card!



I love this boy!!!



Mimi said...

Gorgeous children, they have me whipped. I love them.

Katie said...

brielle looks JUST LIKE YOU in the top picture!! I think its because of her pink face. crazy!

Andrea said...

We love going to the library!! My kids always want to use their own cards for their own books, rather than let me just check them all out.

Anonymous said...

We love it too! I need to let Maklee get her own. She would love that!