Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Makes 5.........

Prepare yourself this is gonna be long! After 4 weeks of pre-term labor, Dallin Gary Milius finally arrived at 36 weeks 1 day! I was sooooo happy to be done! Not that the pregnancy was miserable, I felt great until the contractions started! My OB told me she would be out of town and I knew that I would go into labor, early yes but all in the head!!! I started contracting and held out over the weekend and Labor day before going to the doctors! I was monitored and contracting every 5-7 min. I was checked and 1cm and about 30% effaced. Only 32w3d! They immediately put me on meds to stop the contractions! They never stopped! I was back three days later for monitoring and still 5-7 minutes apart. I was sent over to Labor and Delivery to get stronger meds! (still my ob was out of town) With pain meds they were able to slow the contractions to every 8-10 minutes. Saw my OB the next week and she immediately sent me to L&D again to stop the contractions. She also gave me steroids to help baby Dallin's lungs since we were all pretty sure he was coming early. Had to do steroids the next day also! Saw my doctor once a week for the next two weeks and we were just chugging along! Still slowly dilating and effacing but holding on! She told me at the 36w mark they would not stop me any longer and to stop the meds! Whoo HOO! I was soooo sore from all the contracting that I was barely able to function! Stopped on Sunday and was at the hospital Sunday at 2am with contractions every 3-5 min and much more intense! Dilated to 3 and 60% effaced. Gave me a shot of pain meds and they slowed my contractions again! I was sooo angry I was ready to be done! I had a Doc appt. two days later on Wed. and I knew I was going to beg her to let me have this baby! The contractions now were much stronger and I could barely move because I was so sore!..
She was going to let me go home but I pleaded my case! I knew I would not survive another week with the contracting being so strong! Plus I was a 4 and 80% effaced! She agreed to send me to L&D to have a baby!!! They started pitocin at 2, broke my water at about 4 and he was born at 7:58pm! It went sooo fast! My body had been trying to have this baby for weeks and it was ready! My epidural did not work and finally after begging again they gave me a spinal. I was a 7-8 at the time. Had him an hour later! Glad it worked ;) I was numb until 5am the next morning! Which was nice no after birth pains ;)

This will be only "in labor" picture you will get of me ;)

Pushing was a little more difficult with a spinal because I was soooo numb! Though after about 5 contractions he was born!! 7lb 4oz and 19 inches long! 36w and 1 day!

David cutting the cord ;)

Getting clean and oxygen.

He was mad!


Gary Stefan look alike ;))))

Got to hold him!! SO happy since I did not get to hold Dawson after he was born!

Daddy and his boy!

Monna and Dallin.

Mimi and Dallin.

First time seeing their brother!! SO proud!

Big Sister!

Big brother!

Family Pic! Not the best!

Auntie Karrah and Baby..

Cousin Hailey and Baby..

Auntie Teresa and Baby...

Papa and Baby....

Another Gary Stefan look-alike!

This is actually who we think Dallin looks most like, Uncle Kyle!

First Bath!...Looks like he enjoyed getting clean, definitely my boy!

So content and pink!

Going home!...Ya with Mommy and Daddy no NICU time!!

Already so in love!

Love that boy!

Gifts for his older siblings! Dallin gave Brielle Little Mermaid 2...which she has been begging for and Dallin got Dawson a Monster Truck!


The Smiths said...

CONGRATULATIONS he's adorable! Loved your informative post by the way...Cuz people like ME and friends from far away want to know how everything played out the day you got to meet your lovely son. So happy for you and David and your beautiful family :)

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned I love him! He is so sweet. I love the pictures! The one of him and David is so, so cute! And Teresa's pic is very cute too!

Carrie said...

First of all, can I just say that I LOVE that his middle name is Gary...finally a "little G"!! He is so adorable, he'll be lucky to look like Kyle b/c he was such a cute little boy. I can't believe how stinkin' big he was for being so early either...but you know what they say about those Stefans...BIG BABIES! I just can't believe you have another one now. He is SO CUTE, I love all the pictures of everyone, such a cute little family!

The Ward Family said...

Amazing! Love birth stories. Glad everything went well. You must have been miserable with the contractions. He is a really cute newborn!!

The Ward Family said...

Yes he totally looks like Kyle! Can't believe that's Kyle. I remember him as a little boy!

Jenn said...

Congrats! He is an adorable baby boy! I love that name, that is my nephew's name (Carter's best friend). I'm glad everything went well. Cute little pictures of him with everyone, he's a cutie! We miss seeing your cute little family, but I'm SO glad I can read about everything on your blog. Good luck with the recovery. Can't wait to see more pictures.