Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our 2 Week old!!!.......

A busy two weeks! Dallin had a really high jaundice count on his 5 day old check up! His pediatrician told us to go straight to the hospital to start lights. Among the discussion it was told to us that if his counts do not rapidly drop then a blood transfusion was in his future! On Friday his count was 26.1....Really HIGH.

After 24hrs in the hosptial his count was down to 16.9. We were released to go home but he still had to be in the lights!

This is him at home! He hated the home lights more than anything! It was sad and pathetic. He wanted to be held. It was torture for me! After day 2 his counts were 13.5. My Pediatrician told me that between 12-13 we could stop the lights. I figured he was close so let him sleep with me!..Bad decision, his count jumped to 14.5! Ughhh. Then after another night of lights he was down to 12.6!! Took two days off and rechecked his count back up to 16.8. I cried! Though they expected the drop and said no lights! Again re tested 2 days later and he is around 12 again! His liver is now kicking in! YAAAAAAAAAAAA

What have we learned about this cute baby in 2 weeks?????

He loves his Mommy's bed ;)

He loves his hands up by his face!

He smiles a lot in his sleep ;) Which I LOVE.

Melts my heart!

Also, Dallin is allergic to SHRIMP. I had fried shrimp and he was not himself! Up ALL night. Very rough on the Mom. Then the next day he had little hives all over him :( I talked to his pediatrician and he said it is definitely a possibility because Brielle is allergic to shellfish! UGHHH. Of course, during All-U-Can Eat Shrimp at Red Lobster! I may have to feed him pumped milk after my Red Lobster trips ;)

Dallin weighed in at 7lbs. 6oz at his 2 week check-up! He gained 6oz. in 5 days!!

This is Dawson in the Nicu. Dallin has his chin and nose!!!

This is Brielle. Dallin has her eyes!!! :)

Better sibling pics to come.

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Mimi said...

I thought that picture of Brielle was Dallin. She was so beautiful and continues to get more beautiful every day. I love her so.

Love and hugs,