Friday, October 29, 2010

Our 4 week old.........

Our love Dallin is 4 weeks old!!!...I cannot believe it. In some aspects it has gone fast in some aspects very slow. Here are some fun facts about our baby:

He likes his binky.
Only sleeps 2-3 hours at a time. (Yea I am dying!)
Spits up a lot more than Brielle and Dawson ever did.
Has a very mellow personality.
Likes to sleep with his hands up by his face. (just like we saw in the U/S)
Has already smiled twice at me when talking to him!
Weighs a little over 8lbs.
Is still in Newborn clothes, because his legs are soooo short ;)
Holds his head up on his own and has since birth.
Uses his legs to push himself up the bed.
He is very strong.
Has big hands and feet.
He is balding.
He has hair on the back of his head.
His double chin is growing and so is his middle!
He has delicious LIPS!!


Todd Family said...

oh man he is so cute kristin!! he looks a lot like dawson to me! way to go with the cute kids! :)

The Ward Family said...

He's VERY cute!

Anonymous said...

oh he is so cute! I want to kiss him!