Thursday, August 7, 2008

First night at Primary Childrens

This is when they put him to sleep intubated him and put the drainage tube in. It was heartbreaking to see my baby this way I just cried and cried but I knew he was no longer in pain. That is what I clung to! All those machines doing something vital for my sons survival was excruciating to witness and made me feel so helpless! It was hard to give up control on my child's care to people I did not even know. For those of you that know me know I have to be in control and this experience did not comply with that, torturous for me to let go. Though I have to say I loved every nurse and every doctor they became instant family.


The Ward Family said...

My family was in Wyoming for the week for Jordyn's baptism. Jileen told us what happened. I've been thinking of u guys all the time. I just read your diary of the event and cried. I hope everyone is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, don't ever let yourself feel bad about this. You are a great mom and you did know something was wrong, you told them and you made them listen. Heavenly Father has given us the gift of knowing our children better than anyone else in the world.