Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Saturday, Day 3 Post-Op

It is hard to believe Dawson looked this good three days after he had a brain tumor removed. He shocked everyone including us, the nurses and certainly his surgeons. He was playing with toys, smiling, playing with sister and of course still wanted to snuggle with mommy! Dawson was also trying to climb out of his crib while hooked to iv's, a brain drain, a blood pressure monitor, leads, oxygen monitor etc.
More pics to come! Feel free to click on these pics for a close up!
We have witnessed our miracle!


Anonymous said...

He looks so different without his haor but so, so, cute and totally sweet. It's so good to see him looking so happy.

Todd Family said...

Hooray! That's so awesome Kristin! You have definately witnessed a miracle! You have such faith! I love it!

Katie Johnson said...

ok, so for the entire 5 days that I was up in utah in july I NEVER saw dawson smile like that! and when he did smile, he was barely a smirk. this makes me so happy to see him doing good!