Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank you for the Power of Prayer!

Lets talk about the CT Scan first:
1. Less fluid around brain
2. More normal ventricle size
3. No apparent tumor left

1. Still more fluid or pressure than a normal child should have but again less than before
2. Still larger ventricle size than a normal child
3. CT scans are not great for seeing small pieces of tumor.

Overall, our surgeons are ecstatic about the results, and how well Dawson is doing. They do not have any current concerns and we do not need to go back for 3 months.

Dawson's surgeon told us that never in any of the surgeons history had they seen a cyst form around this type of tumor. Typically cysts are formed around more aggressive tumors typically malignant. At their first thought they believed it would be malignant because of this cyst. After doing the MRI and really getting a good look it keep leading them to the benign form. After surgery they were convinced that it was benign as well as the pathologists! He also said that these tumors usually attach themselves really good to the brain often making it very difficult to remove them without damaging any brain matter but the cyst changed all of that for them. Making the tumor more easily accessible and more easy to remove. YEA
They are now using Dawson's case to educate the world on this new finding and possibility of a cyst around this type of tumor at a Neurosurgeons Conference next week.
At least if my son has to have a brain tumor its got to be one of a kind, right, wouldn't have it any other way!
I know with my whole heart that the power of our prayers has saved Dawson with the miracle of this cyst.

Follow up MRI:
In November to see if they were able to kill the little bit of tumor. They did say today that they left a little bit of the tumor there because trying to aggressively remove it might damage him more so they cauterized it, in hopes that it would kill it. This all makes me a nervous wreck thinking that there is still a tiny part in there but they are all so optimistic that I feel a little relieved.
Feeling incredibly blessed and nervous all at the same time. Do not know if I will ever get over this feeling of worry and anxiety! agggghhhhh.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!

Jill Duncan said...

I'm so happy that the all the results are so positive for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Dawson will end up not only being an example to the doctor's but to his family and will probably be a prophet some day. He has always had a special sweet spirit that is obvious and he will live to teach the world about the gospel. He is already a miracle and don't worry he is in everyone's prayers daily. That cyst wasn't there by accident, heavenly father is keeping him here on earth to live a normal life for a good reason.

I love you, David, Brielle and Baby D so much,
Love, Mimi