Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How I love this BOY!

I know recently my posts have been, well depressing, so this post is going to be all positive. I love my baby boy. He is like an extension of my heart wrapped in this perfect little body! When he smiles it melts my heart and we he cries I want to fix it. It is really hard trying to being a parent to him right now because of all he has been through. I want him to be happy, I want him to have everything he wants and I never want him to be sad! As all of you can imagine this does not always coincide with good behavior but I am not completely ready to discipline him. I may irreversible screw him up but lets face it who in the world is not despite their parents best efforts!! And I don't care that he has a big head I think he is perfect! (Disclaimer: I love Brielle just as much and feel the same about her I just had this picture that I wanted to post so that is why it is just about Baby D!)


Kristen/biss said...

He is a cutie, thats for sure. Looks like both you and David smashed into one. Not that I think either you or David are cuties, but combined you guys are. LOL Spoil him rotten, might as well, you only live once right??!!

Jill Duncan said...

that picture is so cute!!!!